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iPad UNIVERSITY (Enhanced eBook)

iPad UNIVERSITY is a hands-on enhanced eBook that leads you through mastering your iPad. This is the most comprehensive eBook covering the iPad on the market today. iPad UNIVERSITY is the REAL DEAL! Illustrations and enhanced video tutorials, all in a eBook optimized for your iPad and iPhone. You won't believe all that is included in this eBook. We include over 25 chapters and over 200 tips tricks and techniques to help you master your iPad. Get your copy today click here...

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Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook 2012) - Book Cover

Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook 2012)

Putting the SHOW back in your show-and-tell!

Author reveals how to create professional business presentations with your iPad. Leveraging Apples premiere presentation software (Keynote for iPad) Kevin shares step-by-step instructions on how to create and deliver effective presentations.


Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2012 is the most advanced up-to-date eBook that covers creating presentations with Keynote for iPad. Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) was created using Apples iBooks Author. A cutting-edge advanced eBook complete with interactive graphics, charts and video tutorials.

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Kevin Jones 2011 Project icon KeynotePlus offers a variety of Keynote for iPad templates. Our templates are professional and as easy as 1-2-3. Browse, purchase, download, modify and present in less than 10 minutes*. We all love our iPads however; creating a presentation from scratch on a tablet computer can take hours. Let KeynotePlus put you back in control of your very valuable time. Our professionally designed templates allow you to focus on what your business and more... icon is a website for iPad newbies who are looking for a one stop place for iPad tips, freebies, application reviews. iPad recently introduced iPad for Kids and a new iPad for General Counsels and lawyers section and much more...

Private Equity
Private Equity: The Next Bubble
This paper reviews the Private Equity and the potential it has for becoming the next financial bubble. The paper also reviews the global economic crisis and previous financial bubbles. Private Equity is a somewhat obscure business that is integral to developing new business ventures in developed and developing countries. We will examine the potential impacts of this highly lucrative business that operates with even less regulation than the financial giants that collapsed during the 2008 global economic crisis.» more...

Social Networking 101 for Business
Social Networking 101
This paper reviews the value of social networking and the impact it can have on small and large businesses. The paper also reviews the Social Networking Business Plan and the power of recommender networks. Examples are given of inbound and outbound marketing techniques. Social Networking is an integral part of inbound marketing. A synopsis of the evolving demographic of social networker's is presented to add clarity and show potential for social
networking websites and tools. » more...

Special Mergers 101

A "SPECIAL" Merger Strategy
Imagine that you have reached the pinnacle of your career, and you are sitting in the driver’s seat of a multi‐billion dollar enterprise. Business is good, sales are up, and the stock market responds to your company’s performance. In such circumstances, a chief executive officer (CEO) may sit back in his or her chair and ask, "So, what’s next? Do I add more staff, buy more equipment, build more plants, or expand globally?”

This paper reviews the road map for a successful pre and post M&A team strategy. The writer attempts to develop a framework for a successful transaction. Every M&A transaction is different and requires special attention to detail and a contingency plan for unknown variables. » more...

In The Black: Keeping up with the Jones'

"In the Black - Keeping Up With The Joneses" is a common sense guide to managing your personal and business finances. Everything from creating a budget to changing your habits and the way you handle money. Click here for more information about chapters and the release date of Kevin's first book. You will not be disappointed. » more...

Green Business

"Alternative Renewable Clean Energy (ARCE) as a Business" examines the current global energy climate and why it is imperative that we pursue ARCE's without delay. Kevin selected ARCE as a Business as his executive MBA thesis topic to further understand the impact of energy and research the next potential wave of super rich entrepreneurs. Based on current research and vital statistics Kevin looks at several business opportunities focusing on clean energy solutions. Click here for more information on chapters and excerpts from the current work in progress. more » more...